1925 Johann Hay builds a small forging shop, laying the foundation for the company HAY
1951 Investments in the first turning machines and gear cutting machines
1958 Installation of the first ring rolling mill
1965Founding of the plant in Bad Sobernheim
2007 Acquisition of HAY SPEED UMFORMTECHNIK GMBH in Lüchow
2012 Sale of HAY Group to the private equity investor The Gores Group LLC.
2013 Start of construction TIANJIN HAY FORGING Co. Ltd in Tianjin, China
Acquisition of the METALLUMFORM Group
Centralisation of tool making at HAY-TEC in Grolsheim
2014 Acquisition of METACO UNION Kft. in Hungary
Acquisition of FORJANOR S.L. – Fabrica de Villalba in Spain
Grand opening of TIANJIN HAY FORGING Co. Ltd
2015 Start of Production TIANJIN HAY FORGING Co. Ltd
2016 Sale of HAY|Group to the strategic investor Musashi Seimitsu, Industry Co., Ltd.